I built my two storey extension for 20% of builder's quotes

This site shows how - step by step from design to completion

Building an extension step by step - Conclusion

The shell is now built and water tight, so I declare this stage complete. 

On the not so good side:

I went slightly crazy at times when the weather and circumstances seem to gang up on me in what I had to assume was a personal vendetta. 

I suffered some sleepless nights when my mind would not switch off or I could hear the gales blowing my tarpaulins.

I got pissed off with planners.

The skin on my hands split in the cold - I am prone to this.

I doubted myself and the quality of my work several times, particularly when laying the blocks and bricks as this is something I had not done before. A local builder pissed himself laughing at me when I expressed my concern, telling me to stop trying to build to engineering tolerances.

The roofs, valleys and box gutter was complex and took so long that I was getting fed up with climbing scaffolding.

However, on the much better side (which totally outweighs the not so good side):

The experience has been rewarding.

I am proud of what I have done so far.

I love builder's profiles.

I have not yet worked out the total build cost but I know it is a fraction of what I would have paid someone else to build it for me. That said, cost alone is not a good enough reason to tackle such a large task alone. I like to create and do things, so without doubt I wanted this challenge, and would have still done it all myself even if I were a millionaire, which sadly I am not.

I am soooo pleased I did not bottle out and chose to do everything myself from idea right through to the final squirt of window mastic.

I still have plenty to do to fit out the extension and also upgrade the main house to a much higher level of efficiency. All details of these works from now on will be uploaded to my new site ECO Home Renovation

Thank you to all those that have written to me and supported me with their kind words during the build. This site will remain available, but I hope to see you over at  - ECO Home Renovation - where the project continues.

Best Wishes,

Chris 23/12/2011 

the extension