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 Submitting Plans via the Planning Portal

I revisited the Planning Portal and went through the same submission procedure. It was simple and there was even a box to tick to say that it was a reapplication; the fee, therefore, calculated as £0. I would have to wait through the entire planning procedure again, so had to expect a delay of another six to eight weeks (but this was still quicker than the appeal process).

I kept an eye on the website as before and was relieved to see no snotty letter from the Conservation Team. Again, the Parish Council had no issues and a neighbour even wrote a letter saying that I had fully consulted him and he felt the extension would be perfectly suitable and would improve my property.

As six weeks passed (the period of consultation) I e-mailed the planner once more saying I was pleased to see no negative comments and that my expectations, therefore, were for a positive outcome. Having seen lots of architects withdrawing applications they felt would fail, I asked the planner to inform me if she felt there was a problem. She wrote back saying that the deadline for reply was still two weeks away but she, like me, was expecting a positive outcome.

I checked the website every day, alternating between excited expectation of permission and horrified concerns of last minute spanners being thrown into the works.