I built my two storey extension for 20% of builder's quotes

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Redesigning the Extension 



I went back to the virtual drawing board to see if I could get the new design to work. After much tinkering, I ended up with a new design that was not vastly different from my original.

Every design has its pros and cons, but on the whole I felt this design was probably better. Thinking the Conservation Team would be happy that I took their advice, I took the liberty of undoing my earlier compromises where I lowered the roof and stepped in the brickwork. As time had passed, I had decide that those compromises were unwise. I still had a lower roof ridge, but now once again I had matching eaves. In a way, the refusal may have been a good thing as it had given me a second bite at the cherry. I e-mailed a copy of my drawing back to the planner with the note - this is my new design based on the Conservation Team's rough sketch. What do you think?

I was pleased that a week later I received a reply saying that she had shown the plan to all three of the Conservation Team, and their advice was that I should submit the application.


proposed-old proposed-new