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Lifting a Sagging Ceiling

The joists had sagged quite a lot over 200 years, which meant the ceiling dipped very low in the middle. I knew I wouldn't remove all the sag (and wouldn't want to - I believe it comes under the category of 'character') but I felt it would be good to try and see how to level ceiling joists.

I had knocked two rooms into one. One of the two rooms had sagging ceilings. Using an acro it is amazing how you can jack up a joist. You can just see how the joist which the acro is on has been lifted in the centre compared to the joists behind it.


ceiling 1

ceiling 2










I used a series of props to jack up each joist in turn. I then screwed 6" x 1" timbers along each side of each joist and added noggins between them (the joists didn't have any noggins originally)

When I removed the props, the joists did relax down a little but, in all, I think I lifted the centre of the joists by about 2". This was a huge improvement and worth all the effort.

With this bracing and the noggins fitted, the upstairs floor feels considerably more rigid and less bouncy than it used to.

The Building Control Officer needed to check the UC and padstones before I covered them over, so I called him in again. He arrived the same day and approved what I had done.