I built my two storey extension for 20% of builder's quotes

This site shows how - step by step from design to completion

Pillar Supporting Wall

In the past, a wall was removed within the property and steels were inserted to take the load. Now I wished to reinstate this wall and remove a different wall, inserting a steel to take the load. However, as one end of the old steels rested where my new steel would need to rest, it became complicated, not least because the well was within the sam

e location. Because of these complications the structural engineer came up with a design where I would dig a footing and build a 225 x 225 pillar to support the old steels. I could then block in the remainder of the wall however I chose.

Pillar 2Pillar 1I dug a one meter deep footing in my kitchen floor. And great - it was exactly where the main water service pipe ran! I cut the pipe and temporarily diverted it using a piece of hose jubilee clipped in position. (I planned to lay a replacement service pipe ultimately, so this was not too much of a pain)

The BCO came round, stared into the hole and gave me the go ahead to pour my concrete footing.I began to build my pillar. You can just see the temporary diversion of the water service pipe. 

Having several flagstones lifted and a pillar in your kitchen makes life interesting - but I knew it would get more chaotic when I dealt with the well.

I exposed the steels and cast myself a concrete padstone. I packed between the padstone and the steels with slate.  

 Pillar 4Pillar 3