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Getting Planning Permission - Granted! 



Woo Hoo! 08/07/09, eight weeks to the day, I received confirmation that I had received planning permission.

I now felt I could get started. I contacted the local structural engineer and organised a meeting so we could discuss what calculations were needed for my Building Regulation plans.

I've posted my Sketchup pictures below, showing my final design. Compared to the original pictures on the Welcome page, you will see that the redesign alters which section of the building is single storey and which is two storey, but the overall size of the extension varies very little. Despite my annoyance at the original refusal of planning, I am big enough to admit that, on the whole, I consider this later design to be an improvement on my original. Following their refusal, arranging a meeting with the Planner, listening to their concerns yet being firm with why I considered my aspirations for the property to be reasonable, was the best move I made.

The Sketchup models below are not quite how my design ended up, the chimney on the two storey extension is not there but the single storey does have a chimney, like the single storey that I am demolishing.