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 3d House Designing using Google Sketchup

Many of you may have read my article, The Lowdown on Sketchup, in the August issue of  SBD_Logo magazine.  Click here to read the full article.


I discovered Google's free software, Sketchup, and found it an invaluable design aid. You can easily make a skecthup floorplan layout, a skecthup 2d floorplan or sjetchup floor plan view. Making a 3D model of my design helped me and my wife visualise space, not just layout. I also used printouts of the model to show to neighbours, Councillors, friends and planners to show exactly how my proposed extension would look. I even placed the model within Google Earth and e-mailed a link to friends and family who aren't local. Suddenly they could see my house with extension within Google Earth exactly where I plan to build it. Light is a very important part of any design, and easily overlooked by the amateur - not with Sketchup because you get to see exactly where the sun and shadows will fall at any time of day on any day of the year.

A couple of jpeg images saved from my Google Sketchup model.


proposed double-side







Getting Started

First off, you'll need a copy of the Sketchup software. Google offer Sketchup 2017 or Sketchup Pro. The former is the free version, and the one I use and recommend. Clicking here will direct you to the Google Sketchup page. Follow the links, but take care to ensure you choose the free Sketchup version not the Sketchup Pro version which will only last for a trial period before requesting payment. Just follow Google's download instructions.

There are plenty of free models already created in the sketchup lobrary and I beleive there is a sketchup floor plan download that you could modify for your own purposes. There are also google sketchup house plans download and a google sketchup floor plan template. that you can now download. Since writing this the software has improved greatly and you will likely also be able to create a skecthup floor plan from image and be able to convert sketchup floor plan 2d to 3d.