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Capping of a Water Well

As previously mentioned, I have a well under my kitchen floor. I built some oak doors over it many years ago but, with the new extension and because of its location, the well will be hard to keep as a feature.

I decided, therefore, that capping off a water well was the way to go.The oak doors cover over the well. I drew the pink chalk lines so I knew how many flagstones I would need to lift in order to dig out. The smaller pink square is the location of the pillar support footing.

well 1Many years back (with a view to future alterations) I had bedded the flagstones on sharp sand. I was so pleased I did as it was hard enough lifting some of those enormous beasts without them well 2being set in concrete.

The well dug down, exposed and level ready to be covered up and capped off with a board, concrete and steel fabric.

Yeah. It did kinda make a mess of my kitchen. For some time, myself and my wife had to navigate over planks in order to get about the house.

So, how to cap an old water well? 

Filling a well with concrete did not seem to me to be a good idea as I felt this would only channel water upwards. The question, therefore, was not how to fill in an old water well but how to cover an old water well.

I shuttered the well off with a single sheet of 25mm marine ply.

I mixed and laid concrete to depth and the set in my first piece of A193 reinforcement fabric.

Further concrete and then a second layer of fabric. I then laid further concrete to reach full thickness.


well 3well 4




well 5

well 6










well 7